Ancheer Polarized Lens Cycling Outdoor Sports Sunglasses

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  • PERFECT PROTECTION: the Black lens is polarized, it can eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue when cycling. TAC polarized lens is UV400 protection, 100% UV400 protection glass, fully protect your eye.
  • SOFT RUBBER NOTEPAD: The rubber pod can be adjusted according to the face type, let your nose feel more comfortable While Wearing the Sports sunglasses for cycling running fishing golf etc.
  • VINTAGE SIZE: Lens height: 69 mm, lens width: 40 mm, leg length: 145mm, the Sunglasses meets the ergonomic design, guarantee a comfortable experience even a long time wearing.
  • NIGHT LENSES: Adopt blend coatings and high-purity lens material, providing clear vision while using it.
  • FASHION DESIGN: Stylish and ultra comfortable design is suitable for cycling, driving, trekking, and hiking. Applicable to a variety of occasions.

Ancheer sports sunglasses polarized goggles suitable for male and female, especially for the outdoor sports enthusiast. Ideal for cycling, driving, hiking and other outdoor activities. 
Mat material: Quality rubber 
Lens height: 69mm 
lens width: 40 mm 
Legs length: 145mm 
Premium Edition 
Ancheer TAC polarized goggles can provide 100% UV protection, goggles can eliminate reflection and glare
100% of the sun harmful rays, and block the eyes to prevent UVA, UVB protection. 
Super comfortable
Soft silicone nose support, you can adjust the size to suit the nose. Soft and comfortable, wearing more perfect. 
Fashionable design
The ergonomic framework is rugged, very lightweight and durable, providing you with all-weather comfort and protection. 
Sports glasses are suitable for running, fishing, rock climbing, skiing or hiking, or other outdoor activities.